The Gurus

So much of the information we have on Yoga in modern times is because of the inspiration of the Gurus and scholars who have worked so hard to bring yoga to people around the world. 
A few of the Yoga Gurus:

Yogis, Researchers and Scholars "It should be thought very strange if one's hands and feet refused to behave, or behaved in a manner which showed that their owner had no control over them. Yet that is how too often human beings allow their most delicate instrument, the mind, to behave."

(Theos Bernard PhD, Explorer and Author of Heaven Lies Within Us)

Theos Bernard - The first American to be initiated into the rites of Tibetan Buddhism
Georg Feuerstein - Author Of The Yoga Tradition and Director of Yoga Research Institute
Mircea Eliade - Founder of "The Chicago School" of history of religion
Sir John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon) - An Oxford educated Lawyer, Orientalist and Yogi
Andre Van Lysebeth - Author of "Yoga Self Taught".


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