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The Mudras - "To Bring Forth Delight"

The word Mudra means seal, gesture, or attitude. The interpretation of the word cam be seen as “to bring forth delight”. The mudras in yoga have various psychic, emotional, devotional and aesthetic qualities. The use of mudras allows the yogi to connect his individual pranic energy with the universal energy, or Prana. When we think of prana as being the electricity of the body, we can also think of the mudras as creating a “short-circuit” in the flow of that energy within the body. Mudras are used to a great extent in Classical Indian dance, where the whole body, including the face, is used to symbolise a meaning. They are also used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies in various forms.
The mudras consist of physical movements of the body that affect the mind. There are different types of mudras. Some use simply the hands, and these are called Hasta mudras. Others can involve the use of the whole body, where asana, pranayama, bandha and visualisation techniques are combined. Using mudras can al…