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Mantra and the Significance of OM (AUM)

What is Mantra? Mantra is the repetition of sacred sounds in the form of words, phrases, syllables, or prayers. When we repeat mantra we send our vibrations from our body into the universe, creating harmony between us and the world. Mantra yoga can be seen as “the science of sound” where we access the inner sound, the “nada” through the outer sound, the “mantra”. Some of the sacred Sanskrit words Patanjali talks of the use of mantra when he says, “Siddhis are born of practices performed in previous births, or by herbs, mantra repetition, asceticism, or by samadhi.” (“The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” with translation and commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda, chapter 4, v 1, p307) How can we use mantras? There are various ways of reciting mantra , (or practising japa), such as chanting or speaking aloud (vacika), whispering (upamshu), writing, or silently (manasa). The most powerful method is silent repetition, also called Manasika Japa . This is because the thought is