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Yoga Mudra, Ayurveda and the Chakras

In Ayurveda, the element corresponding to each finger

Thumb = Fire
Index finger = Air
Middle finger = Heaven/Ether
Ring finger = Earth
Little finger = Water

In yoga, the chakra corresponding to each finger

Thumb = Solar plexus/manipura
Index finger = Heart/anahata
Middle finger = Throat/vishuddhi
Ring finger = Root/muladhara
Little finger = Sacral/svadisthana

The Bija Mantras for the Sun Salutations

The six bija mantras, or seed syllables for the Surya Namaskar:

Om Hraam
Om Hreem
Om Hroom
Om Hraim
Om Hraum
Om Hrah

To be repeated four times during one round of the Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations.

More on the Sun Salutations. Also see Sun Mantras for the Surya Namaskar.

Please note that the articles on this blog are intended as an aid for students practicing under the guidance of a  qualified yoga teacher, for safety, effectiveness and relevance.

Mantra for the Sun Salutations

Om Mitraya Namaha - salutations to the friend of all

Om Ravaye Namaha - salutations to the shining one

Om Suraya Namaha - salutations to the inducer of activity

Om Bhanave Namaha - salutations to he who illumines

Om Khagaya Namaha - salutations to she who moves quickly in the sky

Om Pushne Namaha - salutations to the giver of strength

Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha - salutations to the golden cosmic self

Om Marichaye Namaha - salutations to the Lord of the Dawn

Om Adityaya Namaha - salutations to the son of Aditi, the cosmic Mother

Om Savitre Namaha - salutations to the Lord of Creation

Om Arkaya Namaha - salutations to he who is fit to be praised

Om Bhaskaraya Namaha - salutations to she who leads to enlightenment 

See descriptions and pictures of the Sun Salutations.  Also see Bija Mantras for Sun Salutations.