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Pregnancy Yoga with Sejel - Testimonials

"Practicing yoga whilst being pregnant has provided me with the chance to gain strength, flexibility and balance; to strive to transform stress into harmony; and equally importantly, given me the ability to further my spiritual journey. It has helped me improve my posture; avoid aches and pain; and enabled me to feel healthier in mind and body. Hopefully, the benefits will also mean that I regain my pre-pregnancy shape more quickly too!"
Archana G, Private Yoga Tuition with Sejel in Warwick Avenue, W9
"I started yoga with Sejel when I was about 7 months pregnant because pregnancy yoga had been recommended to me so many times. It was incredibly calming and yet revitalising, really stretching and moving my body without pain - quite a challenge at 8 months pregnant! I felt renewed, fit and relaxed after each session which I had weekly up until the day I went into labour - about 5 hours after my last class with Sejel! She was a very good teacher and I would reco…