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The Eight Limbs of Yoga

1. Universal laws of Nature (Yama) - non violence, truthfulness, integrity, divine conduct, and non attachment - “When we are established in non attachment, the nature & purpose of existence is understood."

2. How to Live in Harmony (Niyama) - simplicity, contentment, purification, refinement,  and surrender to the Divine - "From contentment, unsurpassed happiness is gained."

3. Postures (Asana) - "The physical postures should be steady and comfortable."

4. Breathing Exercises (Pranayama) - "Next come the breathing exercises, which increase the life energy."

5. Mastery of the Senses (Pratyahara) - "Once senses naturally withdraw inwards, mastery follows."

6. Concentration (Dharana) - "Dharana is when the attention is held focused on an object."

7. Meditation (Dhyana) - "Dhyana is when awareness flows evenly toward the point of attention." See more on the mind.

8. Enlightenment (Samadhi) - "Here, unbounded awaren…