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Yoga Harmony

A nourishing yoga practice is a balanced one.  Yoga is the binding of the opposites to create harmony. Yoga is a tool for observation of what is happening in the present moment. Does our practice make us feel over energized, overly relaxed, or refreshed and at peace? Patanjali's Yoga Sutras remind us of "sthiram sukham asanam", or "steady happy posture". The posture is firm but at the same time happy, or at ease and there is the perfect combination of effort and relaxation. The posture is not just the yoga posture - the posture is there all the time. 
Ask yourself the following before, during and after yoga, and then it will become second nature:
On what is my mind's awareness? 
Is my posture comfortable? 
Is my breathing smooth and easy? 
Is there a sense of "sthiram sukham asanam"?