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Living in Harmony: Yama - The First Limb of Yoga

Yamas - Our Understanding of the Universal Laws of Nature and Our Relationship with Ourselves and Our Environment.
Patanjali's Yoga Sutras describe the Eight Limbs of Yoga. It is important to note that these eight limbs are interrelated and can therefore only be experienced together as a whole, rather than as consecutive steps. The first limb of Yoga, Yamas, is about respecting and learning from the laws of nature. We regain our sense of union through postures, pranayama (breathing), and meditation, rather than feeling separate from nature.
The motivation is to decrease dukha, or suffering, to increase sukha, or happiness, and to lead towards sat-chit-ananda, theunitive yogic state oftruth, consciousness and bliss. Even if we can only experience a glimpse of this in fleeting moments during meditation we are at the very least improving our well being and potentially feeling connected and inspired in the way that we need it most. When practiced with care, respect, and in the spirit o…